Quilting Goals for 2013

Instead of setting a number of quilts I want to make for 2013, I’m focusing on techniques and areas I want to improve on. I started quilting about 3 or 4 years ago, and I think I’ve got the basics of piecing and machine quilting down, but I have a lot of room to grow.

Here is a short list of what I’m going to work on this year:

  • Fabric selection: I want to understand more about color and prints, and be able to grab different fabrics and make them work well together. I’ve already started to do this by focusing on monochromatic prints and sticking to a limited color palette.
  • Going beyond regular machine quilting: I can quilt using the stippling/freehand method, but I want to explore different quilting patterns, like flowers, zigzags, and other designs.
  • Understand my machine: When something goes wrong in my sewing, I want to be able to really know what’s going on and how to fix it. I often have problems with my bobbin thread tangling and tension issues.
  • Design my own patterns: I have designed simple quilts in the past, but usually I find cute patterns on Pinterest. This year, I want to design a more complicated quilt pattern.

It’s a short list, but I think I will have fun working on these goals. What are your quilting or crafting goals this year?

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